Friday, September 13, 2013

Infulenster VoxBox Sargento Cheese Box August 2013

In my search for subscription boxes I came across Influenster is a website that you can join and review items and take surveys - its a lot of fun actually. They also send out boxes for members to review. You can qualify for boxes a few different ways. I qualified for their most recent box - a Sargento Cheese Box. The box arrived on Monday - there was a voucher for a free Sargento Cheese Snack, a coupon for $1 off another snack and the most adorable insulated holder to hold one cheese stick! Heres a look at the inside of the box and the cheese snack holder:
I went to my local grocery store and they didn't have any of the string cheese snack which was a huge bummer because I am a really big fan a string cheese...maybe its the little kid in me. Well anyway, at the store I couldn't decide which one snack to try so I used the voucher and the coupon and bought two kinds: sharp cheddar-jack and pepper jack
Can you see that pepper seed in the pepper jack cheese picture! That cheese has a nice bite! I am a huge fan of pepper jack cheese in general, I like anything spicy and this cheese doesn't fail to deliver. The cheddar-jack cheese was very good as well, the cheddar was really rich. These are long sticks of solid cheese so they are rich, not really something you would want to eat alone. I enjoyed mine with some crackers. After I received my box and bought my cheese I logged onto the Influenster website and the Sargento people suggest pairing the cheese snacks with crackers, fruit and veggies along with several other things to make a balanced snack. I really liked these and have been bringing them to work every day in my new little insulated container...I typically get some hunger pangs around 3pm and these snack sticks and a handful of almonds have been helping me get through the day all week :)

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