Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chef George Catering: A Cooking Class

I have taken several cooking classes before but nothing compares to Chef Jorge's cooking class. Everyone gets to participate and have fun when cooking. Chef Jorge demonstrates how to do/make things and then has the people in the class try it for themselves. I took a sushi making class with Chef Jorge. The atmosphere is very laid-back - maybe in part due to the "cordial/beverage per person" that Chef Jorge serves/teaches students how to make in class. Which ends up being multiple cordial/beverages per person... I had a really good time learning how to make sushi and the saketini that he taught us to make. The classes are also super affordable - actually less expensive than any other cooking classes I have taken. The class is located in Hollywood, FL so if you live in the area (I drove over an hour to go to this class and I would definitely do it again!) you should check it out. See below for some pictures from my class and a link to classes and dates :
Chef George Catering - 8338 West State Road 84 Davie, FL

What the empty table looked like when we got there - just waiting for all of our yummy sushi!!

The table with (most of) our sushi on it! We made so much there were plenty of extra's for everyone to take home with them!

Demonstrating how to make a lychee jalapeno saketini -mmmm! I really am not a fan of lychee or sake so imagine my surprise when I loved this drink! There is a lot of flavor in it - sweet, spicy, salty, bitter and it all works together well. I actually made this at a japanese cinema party I went to and it was a hit.

I hope Chef Jorge doesn't mind me posting the recipe but so many people have asked me for it.

Me and the Chef - I was helping to make dessert - which was also amazing by the way!

Some of the sushi I made myself!! I was so proud of myself...ok maybe I used a little too much rice...

The whole class sitting down to eat after making everything.

I can't wait until I get to take another class - next time they do Peruvian food I think I'm in!

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  1. Does that sushi ever look awesome. Now I am very hungry!