Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fried Paneer

Anyone who is a fan of Indian food has probably had Paneer - Indian cheese. I love the light taste. It's their version of cottage cheese only it is formed into a block. Paneer tastes great in currys but also tastes good as an appetizer fried. Paneer is sold in Indian stores in the freezer/cooler section in 1 pound blocks. All you would need to make fried paneer is paneer and olive also tastes good breaded so you would just need to dip the paneer pieces in egg and flour.

Directions to make fried paneeer:

1. chop up block into bite size pieces (or desired amount)
2. heat generous amount of olive oil in pan
3. fry paneer until it is golden brown on both sides

Serve with some mixed pickle and some other indian appetizers....

I had some dahl samosas and spinach pakora...mmm...

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