Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some yummy things to do with avacado

The secret to making a good meal with avacados is using the right kind of avacado...always use Hass avacados when available. Hass avacados should be black on the outside when ripe and just a little soft. If you are using the avacado right away it doesn't need to be refrigerated but if you want it to keep for a few days refrigerating will slow down the ripening process. The two followong recipes use Hass avacados:

Tropical Scallop Salad

-1 Hass avacado
-1/4 a yellow or red onion
-2 cups whole sea scallops
-1 cup orange juice
-1/4 cup lime juice
-salt and pepper to taste


1. boil a pot of lightly salted water and add scallops, cook scallops for no more than 3 minutes

2. take scallops out of water and chop into bite size pieces

3. in a bowl mix scallops, orange juice, lime juice, salt and pepper

4. mince onion and add to bowl, mix all ingredients together

5. refridgerate for an hour

This is what mixture should look like when refrigerated

6. after the hour is up take mixture out of fridge and add *chopped avacado and more salt and pepper to taste....mix and serve

*To chop an avacado: Start with a ripe avocado and cut it lengthwise around the seed. Rotate the halves in different directions to separate. Take a spoon and scoop the seed out. You can either then scoop out the rest of the avacado with a spoon or use a knife and cut the avacado into bite size pieces and peel from skin.

Tropical scallop salad on the left and guacamole on the right - guac made with yellow tomatoes

-1 Hass avacado
-garlic powder
-1/2 lime
-1 tomato
-salt and pepper
1. Cut up avacado and totmato into small chunks, mash avacado with a spoon or in a mortar and pestle....i still leave it a little chunky.
2. mix in tomatoes and season with garlic powder, salt and pepper
3. squeeze 1/2 lime over mixture and mix thoroughly...serve with tortialla chips!

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