Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sufganiyot for Hanukkah - Jelly Filled Donuts

I am not a fan of jelly donuts but it is a tradition to eat them on Hanukkah. Anything fried is really traditional for hanukkah but sufganiyot has become a staple - especially in Israel. Typically my mom just picks them up from Dunkin Donuts, I eat a bite and thats it. This year I decided to try to make them ourselves and she loved the idea. I loved these dark cherry filled donuts that we made and I couldn't stop eating them! They are pretty small, only a few inches and oh so cute! I found this Israeli recipe online posted by Ciaran from Momfluential:

Step one: dissolve 2 tablespoons of yeast and one teaspoon of sugar in a half cup of warm water. After 15 minutes it gets nice and bubbly. While the yeast is working its magic begin step 2: place 2.5 cups of flour and 2 tsp salt in a large bowl and sprinkle with a little bit of allspice.

Step 3: When the 15 minutes has pst and the yeast and sugar mixture is bubbly make a well in the center of the flour mixture. Pour in the yeast mixture, two tablespoons of room temp butter, 1/3 c sugar, and 2 large eggs.

Step 4: Mix everything together well and knead dough until it is smooth and bounces back when touched. This should take 10-15 mintues. Dough will be super sticky so make sure your hands are well floured to knead the dough.

Step 5: Let stand to rise for 2 and a half hours in a warm place (my mistake was putting it in the fridge - didnt really rise!)

Step 6: When the two and a half hours are up roll dough out on a well floured surface and cut with a round cookie cutter or in my case (I dont do a lot of baking) with round glass. Once circles are cut cover with plastic wrap and leave to rise for 15 more minutes.

Step 7: While donut circles are rising heat several inches of vegetable oil in a skillet - it hanukkah - these donuts are deep fried! Make sure to test the oil with a small strip of dough before putting dough circles in oil.

Step 8: Once the 15 minutes are up and oil is hot enough begin to add dough to hot oil in batches of 4-5. Use a slotted spoon to flip over or roll over donuts once bottom side is browned. When donuts are browned on both sides remove from oil and place on a plate or baking sheet. Continue like this until all donuts are cooked.

Step 9: Pick a jelly to fill your dougnuts with - strawberry is common or cherry. We used black cherry jelly. Cut a small slit into one side of the donut and use a baby spoon to insert some jelly into the donut.

Step 10: sprinkle with fine sugar and enjoy!!

Completed donuts waited to be consumed the next day for Hanukkah! We made these a day early but of course we had to "sample" some to make sure they were fit for consumption. I must say they were a lot better all nice and warm when they were first made. I would recommend making them the day you want to eat them. They dont store well - after about 2 days they were pretty stale.

My mother filling them with jelly - mmm!
Happy Hanukkah!

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