Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Heart Stoppers Sports Grill: Check it out while it's still around

A new sports grill opened up in Delray Beach, FL on Linton in the Target shopping center. I came across it the first time by accident as I was getting my hair cut next door and had a little time to kill before my appointment. I wandered into Heart Stoppers and was surprised by what I came across - the whole place is decorated like a hospital and the waitresses wear nurses outfits. There is a "city morgue" wall for pictures of people who try to eat their 3lb burger and fries and fail. There are iv bags and wheel chairs and some of their food - like chili cheese fries - come in a bed pan! The front of the menu warns eating their food will lead to obesity and inside the menu it states that if you weigh in at 350 pounds or more your meal is on them. It is a cute idea if not a bad location. I got to meet the owner and the manager the first time I visited the grill - they were very friendly and even helped me pick out my dinner. I have brought friends here several times now for lunch and they really liked their meals and the idea. Almost everything I have tried there has been great (I am not a fan of their onion rings - not too much flavor) but I must warn not to go there if you are in a rush as the service is a little slow.

My friend's burger and sweet potato fries - she liked everything but said the fries were a little cold...Heart Stoppers offers 30 toppings to add to your burger for free:)

I had the 1/4 pounder and added a ton of toppings -mmm - good, but messy...again, not a huge fan of the onion rings, they are fried in something that almost resembels a tempura batter which is nice and flaky but lacks flavor.

My friend and my lunch the last time I went to Heart Stoppers - note the salt shaker - aka medicine bottle. I had the RIP sandwich - boneless chicken wing sandwich with medium buffalo sauce and blue cheese and my friend had one of the steak sandwiches and we shared an order of fries. Everything was great, tons of flavor, I even liked the fries and I'm not a huge fan of fries typically. My sandwich was amazing but also really messy!
Well, I guess that there is a similar sports bar in Arizona, called Heart Attack Grill which is decorated similarly and has similar menu items...they are suing Heart Stoppers so I say go to Heart Stoppers while you can - just in case...


  1. now that is something else!The food looks delicious!

  2. It is really good, but aparently they had to change the name because they got sued by a restaurant in Texas that claims Heart Stoppers stole their idea!