Friday, July 24, 2009

So delicious it's fit for!

I have two dog's: a poodle and a pom, she will eat anything! Really, anything....I have a problem with her trying to eat litter off of the floor....but my poodle, he is much more picky. Not only is he picky but he has a very sensitive stomach and has allergies as well. He will stop eating for days at a time in protest. In the past I have tried switching his food, putting "gravy" on his food, giving him wet food, feeding him scraps...nothing really worked, he would turn his head away everytime I placed food in front of him.

Just as bad as Dylan not eating, he also had alergies to the food that would give him horrible rashes that he would then lick and the skin would get infected.

Then a friend sent me a link talking about how cooking for your dog was just as or even more nutritious than feeding them dog food. I started cooking for the dogs and they love it! I usually make enough for at least 2 meals every time I cook. They will have completely full bowls, finish them off and beg for more! So, no more problems with weight, Dylan is back up to a healthy wieght but also isn't gaining anything extra. This is because I control what he is eating now so I know everything he is eating is nutritious. He also doesn't have anymore allergy problems...there are so many additives in dog food, who knows for sure what he was allergic to but a lot of dogs are allergic to corn and there is a lot of corn meal found in dog food.

The basic formula for making your own dog food at home is: 40% meat, 30% veggies and 30% grain. The meat should chicken or lamb but occasionally I do give them steak or ground beef cause they really love it. The veggies can be anything...dylan is a big fan of yellow squash and broccoli and Callie my pom loves zucchini and green beans. Since they both like different things I usually get some frozen mixed veggies...just make sure there aren't any onions or sauce on the veggies. Remember that garlic (especially raw garlic) is very bad for dogs so try to limit their intake, many sauces have garlic in them. The grain portion can be white or brown rice or dogs love pasta but I wanted to give them something a bit healthier so they get brown rice pasta.

This is a sample of what I cooked for them last night:

I also usually add a little salt and pepper and sometimes a little bit of italian seasonings like oregano and parsley...they love a little fresh cilantro in their food!

So this meal consisted of some stir fry mixed veggies, salt, pepper, italian seasonings, corkscrew brown rice pasta and a pound of steak.

Cut up meat into bite size peices and fry in a little olive oil. Boil water and add pasta. If you are cooking brown rice pasta it might take a little bit longer to get tender than regular pasta. Chop up any veggies that may be too big to digest. If they are too big Dylan wont eat them at all and Callie will wolf them down choking the whole while. When everything is going it should look something like this...

When everything is cooked through mix togther and spoon into dishes and serve!

Everything mixed together.

I think she is saying "Mmmmm!"

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