Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zucchini Blossoms

I work in produce and occasionally people call my company asking for zucchini blossoms. I had never had them so when I saw them at a local farmers market I knew I had to try some. I was a little leery to try them so I only bought a handful....I wish I had bought more! I have some pictures to post but they are a bit blurry...I really need a need a new camera!This is what a zucchini blossom looks like....
I was a little unsure of how to cook these so I decided to do something simple...I mixed some flour with sea salt, pepper and some italian seasonings. I washed the blossoms and dredged them in the flour mixture and threw them in a pan that was preheated with a little bit of EVOO. I soon realized that a little bit of olive oil would not do it and pour quite a bit more in the pan...these things sucked up the oil pretty fast and took longer to fry then I thought they would. They were so delicious when they were done! I served them with a side of marinara but there was so much flavor in the blossom itself you didnt really need the marinara. I would definitely recommend trying some if you ever get your hands on them! This is what the finished product looked like:

Fuzzy picture I know, but nice and crunchy and oh so delicious!

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